‘Cym at home’ is a project by Cym. It features overviews of the places she has been visiting, seen through her unique view. Each page shows a collection of photos that together form an overview of the place that she was visiting on that particular day.

The compositions are made up out of details, just how Cym looks at the world around her. Her portraits don’t show the full picture of the building, but the many small details that together make up the building. Her photos don’t show a landscape picture of the main square, but a collection of details, of objects, that together make up the main square.

When walking through a new place, a place she hasn’t been before, she is fascinated by the many small details that many people might not even notice. For Cym, it are those details that create the portrait of a town, of a place, of a certain location.

But she is not only discovering new places, she also keeps coming back to the places that she has already been to. And each time she comes back to a certain place, she makes similar photos. Certain details disappear, new details appear, a new composition adds to the old composition. In this way the portrait of a certain location becomes a portrait over time.

Cym’s very personal view and her unique way of presenting the material together create a kind of photo diary that has become more than just a personal photo documentation. Throughout the years her collection of photos has grown to such an immense number of images, that together they form a unique collection of locations in Europe, which could be seen as portraits of every day life places.

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